About Us

We at Alina Gems are in this diamond industry since 1987. Alina Gems is a reputed loose diamond company in diamond industry & a diamond jewellery manufacturer in Mumbai. We do provide loose diamonds to leading jewellery manufacturers and we manufacture diamond jewellery. We do provide all types of loose diamonds to diamond jewellery manufacturer as per their requirements. We are into manufacturing and sales of 18 KT diamond, navaratna, precious stone jewellery having an advanced, sophisticated, state of the art manufacturing unit. With a team of highly experienced and competent jewellery designers who deliver the most innovative designs under a total quality control environment. Keeping with the modern trends, we have our skillful Bengali workers who are specialist in craftmanship of diamond ornaments thus we have beautiful craftmanship.

From good old times, diamonds have become a fascination for all. Wearing a diamond carries lot of prestige and glamour for a person in the society. And of course, it has become the order of the day to gift a lady with a diamond on special occasions. Why women just love Diamonds, is for the simple reason that they are lustrous, expensive and expressive. The combination of Diamonds and Precious stones adds to her self-confidence. We personalize the Jewellery for each woman with her unique taste and requirements.Considering all these factors we have designed our famous diamond jewellery with the most sophisticated and contemporary patterns to suit your requirements for any occasions.

There are many factors which adds value and quality to diamonds. The most important aspects are the colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. We, at Alina Gems strictly adhere to all these norms to make our diamond jewellery the most desirable and special for our esteemed customers.. The word diamond itself has some very special meaning in every one's life specially women. It is said that a diamond is the best friend of a woman and no doubt women have been always fascinated by diamonds and their sparkle. It is the ultimate gift you can give to a woman.

Benefits of buying diamond jewellery from us

  • We are the direct source of diamonds & diamond jewellery as we are a reputed Diamond Merchant & Diamond Jewellery manufacturer mumbai
  • We sale our diamond jewellery at our best manufacturing rate
  • We give our jewellery with BIS HALLMARK. Guaranted gold quality
  • We guarantee the quality of our diamond jewellery with or without certificate
  • We provide our customers our best Buyback facility
  • We provide exchange facility
  • We provide free consultation for diamonds and diamond jewellery including colour stones
  • We provide customise diamond jewellery as per customers budget and selected design


We are committed and dedicated to our quality of product & service to the customers.
We have rich knowledge of industry.
We are the actual source of diamonds & diamond jewellery.

Our Diamond jewellery standard

Alina Gems is renowned for high standard of cut, clarity, polished and symmetry which results in an ultimate level of lustre, fire & brilliance in our diamond jewellery. We at Alina Gems, provide guaranted best consistant quality that completely enhance customer experience. When you think about diamond jewellery you consciously think "Alina Gems" Lustre forever.


We give paramount importance to the quality of Diamond Jewellery. We understand that the Jewellery is something that customers treasure forever and so we make sure that every piece of our exquisite Diamond Jewellery is of high quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our main priority. We ensure that each piece of jewellery that we bring forth impresses our clients and exceed their expectations. We take great efforts to ensure that our Diamond Jewellery earns a place in the hearts of the customers.


We at Alina Gems believe in innovation. Innovation in itself is the quintessential strength and innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and believe in regularly updating according to changing trends.


To give Customer oriented designs that value for money. To become top notch precious stones jewellery manufacturers providing customers with designs of their dreams crafted to excellence with quality diamonds and gemstones. Add to the beauty of the jewellery with value additions that bring glamour and style to the piece and reinvent the wearer's personality.